Simple and effective support of skeletal lower jaw growth

  • Fast chairside insertion
  • High patient comfort as a result of ergonomic construction
  • Sideways chewing movements also possible
  • No reworking required

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Product description

The Herbst Developer (HD) is a fixed orthodontic device which is mainly used for skeletal treatment of distal bite between ages 2 and 11 (growth promotion).

While usual Herbst hinges (moulded, soldered) are introduced into the mouth in isolation and only allow the patient minimal lateral movement, the Herbst Developer is used at the headgear tube of the molar bands and on a partial arch for fixed appliance. As it corresponds to a ball joint at both ends, lateral chewing movements are also possible for the patient. Like the Flex Developer, the HD also glides back on the partial arch when the mouth is opened. However, as it can also lengthen like a telescope, there is double the security when the mouth is opened. The easily bent square-edged telescope can be adjusted to the desired length and its slim design and curved form make it ideal for fitting into the lateral oral vestibule. The posterior part of the HD (guide tube) is fixed to the headgear tube using a pin bent round it. The anterior part (glide rod) is fixed with a lug to the partial arch. This is opened and closed with simple pressure from forceps, so insertion and removal is carried out quickly and comfortably.

Field of Application


  • Closing slight gaps in the lower jaw
  • Light headgear effect in the maxilla
  • In a limited form for therapy of mandibular joint problems


  • Patient too old
  • Proclined lower front teeth at the start of treatment
  • Not recommended for patients over age 25 (see corresponding literature)


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